Ziggies, Colorado's Oldest Blues Bar - By Timothy Breckon

November 9, 2011 
Timothy Breckon
Denver Music Scene Examiner

Ziggies purports to be Colorado’s oldest blues bar, w/ a liquor license that dates back to 1964. Today Ziggies maintains that authenticity with slightly rough edges and seriously good musicians. Always welcoming and friendly, the staff take good care of their diverse patrons and keep the place clean so no one should feel uncomfortable. Just a few blocks further away from downtown than theTennyson business district north of 38th Avenue, Ziggies is close enough for comfort as well. There have been a string of owners and some name changes since 1964; current owner Carla Jordan is a big player in the local music scene, largely due to the fact that she puts on live music seven nights a week year round!

Ziggies has great drink specials every night as well. Carla makes sure to keep the hipsters happy with affordable PBR and the connoisseurs in high spirits with seasonal drafts. Inside rumor has it that there are some kegs of rare and popular seasonals from years past Carla will tap this winter. Ziggies has a decently sized dance floor, a stage big enough for a nine- or ten-piece band, and the usual accoutrements like booths and a pool table spaced out in a multilevel arrangement that gives everyone in the bar a good view of the stage.

The acts at Ziggies are usually local and at least somewhat bluesy, keeping in mind that the term “The Blues” can cover a lot of territory in this day and time. Local musical scenestress Melanie Owen Padilla of Cedar Avenue Blues Band is one of the many great regular weeknight jam hosts at Ziggies; Thursday through Saturday always feature performances by local acts. The easygoing atmosphere and comfortable setting at Ziggies make it great for hosting the next drowning of your sorrows in the joy of music.

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  • Susan Heymans Heymans

    Susan Heymans Heymans

    Do tell what band is performing on July 5, 2014. Mahalo!!

    Do tell what band is performing on July 5, 2014.


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